worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2010-08-07 02:30:43 (UTC)

Week Seven

Monday morning:
When you wake up this morning you many not use the toilet.
You must pee into a glass or pitcher. You must then strip
and step into the bathtub. Dump the pitcher of piss onto
your head. Rub it into your hair, face, and body. You
must stand there covered in your own piss for 10 minutes
before you are allowed to shower. During those 10 minutes
you will masturbate while rubbing your filthy cunt, but you
may NOT cum. Just realize what a dirty whore you are as
you get all wet just from being covered in your own
disgusting piss.

Monday afternoon:
You are not allowed to eat dinner tonight you fat pig. A
little hunger will do you good. As soon as you get home
from work you will insert a large ball-gag into your mouth
and fasten it firmly in place. You will keep it there
until you go to bed. As the hours pass it will become more
and more uncomfortable until your jaw is absolutely
aching. Good. Embrace the pain and hunger like the pain-
loving pig-slut you are.

Tuesday morning:
Pour ¼ cup of raw rice into your shoes before you leave for
work this morning. No socks allowed. Just your bare feet
walking on the rice all day long. You will park in the
furthest spot from the train. You will not bring your
lunch but rather you must go out to get it. Yes, your feet
will suffer this torture all day and you will love it.

Tuesday afternoon:
How badly do you want to be allowed to take off your
shoes? How much agony are your feet in? Before you get
relief, you must earn it. Get on your elliptical machine
and start walking. You haven’t suffered enough yet. I
want you crying in pain. One full hour of non-stop walking
on that rice is required of you. By now, every step will
be hell. You will walk and you will cry for me. After you
complete your hour of foot-torture, you can finally remove
your shoes. You will remain on your feet until it is time
for bed so that you can continue to feel the lingering
pain. You must dump the rice from your shoes into your
bed. You will sleep on the rice tonight. Good night.

Wednesday morning:
Were you comfortable sleeping on the rice last night? Are
your poor feet still very sore? So much needless suffering
that you are so willing to subject yourself to. You are so
pathetic. Today you will pack a lunch to bring to work.
First, pack a large serving of baby carrots. But as you
pack them, you must shove each one into your filthy cunt.
One at a time you will shove it all the way in, then remove
it and put it in your plastic sandwich bag so that your
cunt juice and odor will be well preserved. Do this with
all of them. This way they will smell and taste like your
filthy cunt when you are ready to eat them at lunch. You
will also make yourself a sandwich for lunch – turkey on
wheat bread. You cannot use any mayonnaise. Instead,
before you close the sandwich you much spit onto it 5
times. Your own saliva will be the only moisture for your
yummy sandwich today. Enjoy your delicious lunch today

Wednesday afternoon:
Still hungry? Such a pig. Cook yourself an entire pack of
hotdogs. If you want to be a pig, you will be forced to
eat like one. After you cook all the hotdogs, let them
cool down. Before you eat the first one, you must shove it
into your cunt and fuck yourself with it for 30 seconds.
You will then remove it and immediately eat it. Eat it
plain, no ketchup or mustard to detract from your own
delicious cunt juice. You will repeat this for every one
of the hotdogs – there are 10 in a pack. You must eat
every single one and you must fuck yourself with each one
before eating it. I hope you enjoy the taste of your
disgusting cunt you fat pig.

Thursday morning:
Fasten yourself a tight crotch-rope to wear today. Tie the
rope around your waist and running through your ass cheeks
and pussy lips. Tie large knots in the rope every 1-2
inches. Then tie it on yourself very tightly so that the
rope and knots dig deep into your tender flesh. You must
wear this under your clothes all day. If you do it right,
it should hurt a great deal. You’re welcome.

Thursday afternoon:
You may remove the crotch-rope to use the bathroom. You
must then reattach it as tight as possible. You will
continue to wear it the rest of the night – and you will
sleep in it. You will take additional rope and tie it
tightly around your chest and back so that it lies directly
across your tits and nipples. The rope should be tight
enough to flatten your tits and push your nipples painfully
against your chest. You will remain in this chest bondage
until morning as well. Sleep tight!

Friday morning:
You may remove your bonds and get ready for work normally.
Eat a good breakfast this morning because you won’t have
time for lunch. During your lunch hour you will close the
door to your office. You will stand in a corner, nose to
the wall, and with your hands on your head. Set a timer
for 60 minutes. You will remain in that position like a
naughty school girl for the entire hour. Think about what
a slut you are. How would you react if one of your co-
workers unexpectedly walked in and saw you? What would you
say? Oh how you love to be humiliated.

Friday afternoon:
Did you enjoy your corner time today? Good, because you
have more coming. Strip naked. This is how you will spend
your evening: 1 hour in the corner, nose to the wall, and
hands on your head; 1 hour kneeling in front of your coffee
table and writing “I am a pathetic, disgusting pig-slut and
I should be punished” over and over again; 1 hour laying
spread eagle, face-up on your kitchen floor (make sure to
hold perfectly still during this hour and do not fall
asleep, you much stare straight up at the ceiling); and 1
hour on your hands and knees pushing an egg across the
living room floor using just your nose. You may not watch
any TV tonight. You may take 30 minutes in between tasks
to eat dinner. Dinner must be eaten on your hands and
knees off the kitchen floor. When you complete the tasks,
you must go directly to bed. You will sleep naked, face-up
on top of your blanket. You will tie your ankles to the
corners of the bed so your legs are spread wide. You will
cuff your hands stretched over your head to the headboard.
Thus exposed you may try to sleep.

You are not allowed to use the bathroom at all today. You
must instead wear an adult diaper. To make sure you use
it, you will drink one full cup of water every hour from
when you wake up until you go to bed. You may go out today
if you wish, but you cannot remove the diaper, you will
wear it under your clothes. When you are home you will be
naked except for the diaper. You will also be sucking on
your smaller butt-plug as if it were a pacifier. Take
several picture of yourself sucking on your butt-plug
pacifier and wearing the diaper. Email them to me so I can
laugh at how ridiculous you look. You may not change your
diaper unless it actually leaks. Otherwise you will wear
it and wet it repeatedly. Before bed, you will drink an
entire large bottle of water. Sleep in the diaper and you
cannot get out of bed until you wet yourself again.

Get your ass over here now. You will spend today cleaning
my house while I entertain some friends. Part of the
entertainment will be humiliating and spanking you while
you work. Wear a short skirt, tight tank top, high heels,
and no bra or panties. Also wear your “SLUT” collar.
Hurry up. My friends are eager to see what a pain-slut you