2010-08-06 08:20:54 (UTC)


Why is it that everyone is always stressed? Let me tell you.
It's because we tend to want things to go our way and fast.
we all need to learn to let things run its course. It's not
healthy for us to sit and dwell on all of life's problems.
There are certain exceptions of course but still. Things
always work out. They may not work how we want them to but
they will work out. All we can do for sure is be there for
one another. We have to help each other get through the
problems. No one person can do everything and carry all the
weight of everyone else. When in a relationship we have to
learn to communicate with our partner and let them know what
is troubling us. If we can't do that then the relationship
is bound for disaster. I have found the one person that I
would love to spend the rest of my life with. It just so
happens that we came into each others life's at very
complicated times. We have our problems yes, but we manage
to work through them with help from our friends and family.
I love her and her two boys with all of my heart and soul. I
have just been a little too ignorant and not paying
attention to how she has been feeling. I am doing my best to
change that. I want to take the stress off of her so that
she can finally relax. She has been running herself ragged
and its starting to catch up to her. All I want is for her
to be happy. I hope that I can be the one to make her happy.
They mean the world to me and I don't know what I would do
without them. I want to be her partner in both life and
love. Sure we will still have our bumps but I honestly think
that together her and I can get through anything that this
crazy world can throw at us. She has already helped me so
much. Now it's my turn to help her. But she has to let me
help for me to be able to help. I am hoping that she lets me
help because I hate seeing her stressed out and wanting to
run from all of the problems.