How to spend given 90 days
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2010-08-06 05:43:54 (UTC)


Well, well, to allow myself some excuse, I am not used to
writing everyday, soooo I skipped 3 days already. sigh
I am gona write the summery of these 3 days.

I went to meet mental doctor at my company.
Appointment time was 9:00am, so I was a bit scared to meet
any of co-workers.... but I didnt.

The doctor said, I looked better than 2 weeks ago the last
day of work. I feel so too. Something was wrong with me, I
felt so much responsibility of my work, felt there is
nobody who could handle this work but me.... but it was
Also, he said, it's a good reasult that I received the
encouragement mail from General Manager. Ususally he said,
the outcome of this kind of long time day off due to
mental depression can cause a lot more controversy or

Now, I feel much better away from job, and feel myslef

I went to meet a friend who is my ex-coworker, who quit
the job 1.5 years ago. She is now looking for new job.
I was helping out her job interview practice. Though I
dont usually come up with good ideas in terms of how to
appeal myself at the interview, I can for other people.
I gave her lots of advice.
I really wish she could find a new job soon, so that we
can go travel together.

I also met a peron from my work, who experienced the same
situation ( taking days off from work due to mental
problem). Her advice was based on her perception, so it's
up to me to take that advice or not, but she gave me lots
of advice.

After going back home, I felt I gained much energy from
meeting those people.
I booked my flight to Taipei, found language school.

Yes, I am determined to go to Taipei to study mandarin for
about 20 days !

I felt a bit tired, also a bit sick.
So, I decided to stay home to cure myself.

Mom is visiting me from tomorrow.