Letters to Nancy
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2010-08-06 01:53:26 (UTC)

Randy Blech blech blech dum randy...dum me =(

Dear Mom
I truely hate myself now. I cant get randy outta my
head, everytime i text him i see his stupid sig about the
stupid girl who stole MY MAN! UGH UGH UGH !!!!! Why did i
take him for granded!!! WHy didnt i know what i had!!!
What couldnt i just i just ...just... treat him like i
should have!!!!!! I cant tell him how i feel cos ill look
like im....im...trying to get him back just to treat him
bad again. There is NO way to tell him that i really do
miss him...and i really did learn my leason, i really do
want him back, not for a while but for ever. im about to
cry just thinking about this now!!!! shes not even that
preaty.....and she has pis on her profile that make her
look like a slut.... i she isnt right for him...she cant
love him like i can. like i would if i got the chance
again.... :.( :.( =.(

But more then anything, mom, i miss you. I would give
up any guy, any friend any thing for you. I love you. God,
i miss you. And i forgive you. I hope you can forgive me.

With all my love, and heart, all i have,
ella marrie