Letters to Nancy
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2010-08-06 01:30:22 (UTC)

One of these days your going to knock my door

Dear Mom....
Im in a wrighing mode so im going to wright some songs
for ya. Wrote for Randy! Where ever the hell you
are, i plan to get you back no matter what it takes....
love you, no matter what. (endless you have sex with that
slut then its way other )

Day by day, I sit wait,
You must be runnin just a lil bit late. Oh...
My plane has came and gone
But i aint get on,
Endless your here to go with me. Yeah!

One of these days your going to knock on my door
Without that girlfriend i think a whore ( opps did
i say that out loud??)
Im gonna say im sorry,and baby so will you
Glad you finnly gotta a clue! Yeah yeah !

We'll be on a dead run to the past
But this time it will last, mhm
Itll be like it never ended
My heart, you already mended!~