Confessions of a married woman
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2010-08-05 22:39:26 (UTC)

S I miss you!

Dear S:

Ever since we talked I found you so intersting. I enjoyed
spending time with you, every minute that we shared seemed
like a second. Every look you gave me made me blush,
every word out of your mouth I believed. Why must you be
this way? Why work so hard to get into my pants and when
you do you bail? I thought you said that everything would
remain the same? I don't get it? I thought I intregied
you? I thought you shared stuff with me that you never
shared with anyone else? I thought you liked talking to
me? I like everything about you, if you were infact
telling the truth about yourself. Your values, morals,
religion, your work, your thoughts, your history, your
eyes, your smile, your beard, your hands, your dress code,
I liek it all and I miss you so much! I've met hundreds of
men and you totally impacted me! why!??!? Why can't I
just forget about you like I do every other guy that I
meet?!??! I don't care if they call me back or not, but
you the person that I do care that calls me back or not,
doesnt! You are on my mind all day all night! In my
dreams in my daydreams! I loved teasing, kissing and just
hanging with you. I had so much fun that time at the
boardwalk, I felt so free so wanted, so protected, so
myself! Please call me, because I sure as hell wont. I
dont like being rejected and I'm sure that will happen if
I do. S I like you a lot and I want to get to know you
better. Miss you so much!!! So so much!



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