baby doll87

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2010-08-05 22:05:21 (UTC)

At age 18!!!!

Here it is a year later and I found out that guy was
cheating on me so we broke up.. Then 4 months later I was
walking around the mall and this guy keep falling me around
and I finally ask him why he was falling me so much and he
told me that it was just that I'm so sexy and he asked for
my number so I gave it to him and he gave him his number
too. Then later that night someone had pulled in to my
driveway and I went out to see and it was him and I ask him
how he knew where I lived and he told that one of my friends
told him. So he asked me out that night so we went out and
we got to talking and then next thing I know we were in the
movie theater making out kissing all over each other and he
left a big ass hickey on my neck. He put my hand on his cock
and I was rubbing then next thing I know I'm giving him head
in the theater. He moaned so much I thought he was going to
get us kick out and he cum so much a lot of it missed my
mouth and hit my face too and I loved every min of it.