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2010-08-05 22:03:41 (UTC)

Lying your way through Life

===Chapter 1===

"Mom!" I cried. "We cannot move to Canada!" I couldnt
believe it. My mom jsut told my sister and I one day, out
of the blue, that we're moving to Canada. How on Earth can
I become a famous actress in Canada? We're already in
Hollywood, isnt that good enough? Not for my mother, no.
She just has to go to Canada!
"And why cant we move?" My mother asked. My mother was a
very beatiful person. She had short, brown hair, a heart
shaped face, green eyes and a smile so bright it could be
in one of those crest toothpaste comercials. Weirdly
enough, she doesnt brush her teeth eveyday. More like once
every two, three days. She's a very busy woman which is
why she doesnt have time sometimes. Before, she went an
entire week without sleeping because she was working on a
big project. She is so busy that her boss said she should
take a break. They transfered her to a new location but
the same job. There, she doesnt have to do as much because
there are more people there. Of course, they had to pick
"Because mom! This year is the Senior talent show.
Everyone participates and agents come. I could be
discovered!" I tried to reason with her.
"Well, I need a job so were moving!" She argued.
"How about I stay here with Hannah while you and Jamie
move?" Jamie was my little sister, she looked excatly like
me. Long brown hair and blue eyes. Circular face, glasses
and not too tall. I usally wore contacts and high heels
though. Hannah was my best friend who looked alot like
Jessica Simpson. When she first went to school, she
pretended to be her and fooled everyone. She got special
treatment in class and everyone adored her untill I found
out she wasnt. I didnt quite believe that Jessica Simpson
would be a Freshman. I busted her but she respected me for
finding out and confronting her and we've been best
friends ever since.
"No." Replied my mother. "Zara Nichole Emily Jones! Stop
argueing with me right now!" She always used my full name
wehn she gets mad. We've been fighting for hours! I was
thinking of giving up but then she used my full name. Im
17! I dont need to be treated like a little kid anymore.
Using the full name works on Jamie but shes 5 and a half!
Not only is she taking away everything I need and want,
but she's treating me like a 5 year old!
"Mother" I said in a strong, firm voice. "I will not
move and that is final."
"Daughter" My mother said, mocking me. "You will move
and that is final!" She said as she stormed out. She
always got the last word, I hated that!