Letters to Nancy
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2010-08-05 20:25:05 (UTC)

Last Night was a fairtale! 3 Shit...it really was

Dear Mom,
Is it true that when you dream about someone that person
went to bed thinking of you? If so, something is fucked up.

Last night's dream was the first one you werent in, sence
you left. But ud never guess who was. Jon Spnagler? No..
Jon Stroh? No...Jonah? nope...Randy. Randy Brink. Yeah,
the guy thats dating that ugly slut chick from Alma. The
guy im over.(Or tell myself i am anyway)Yeah. That randy
In my dream i lived out on the farm with Matt, and Matt
hired Randy to paint some fences for him. It was a really
hott summer day so Randy was shirtless, and sweating and
looked HOTT!! I dont think ive seen a hotter guy in my
dreams! Any way, Matt told me to bring him out watter
every so often. I really didnt want to talk to him because
i didnt wanna hear about Taylor or how good his doing with
out me. So when i brought him out the watter he tryed to
talk to me but i just walked away, and started crying. (
Why i started crying idk...I HATE crying in front of
people...no matter how bad i want to.) Anyway when he saw
me cry he ran up to me, grabbed me and said, "Babe whats
wroung?" I tryed telling him about taylor and how much i
was sorry and how i fucked up and i knew it. But he just
held me and said its ok, shes gone. Theres only you. And
we kissed. Then...BAM i was wake....grrrr... i wanted to
kiss Randy some more!! I wasnt ready to go back to the
real world where that aint happening.

So if he did go to bed thinking about me does that mean
that he still likes me ??? No...I proubly means he went to
bed think, "GOD, i hate Elly!!! " Or something like that.

Mom, I love you. God, I miss you. And I forgive you.