my name?

my boring life
2001-10-10 01:45:15 (UTC)


ahhh today was kinda not cool. Britt dyed her hair again it
looks cool! AHHHH i have detention with her tomorrow, i
need to ask her if her mom can give me a ride home bcuz if
she doesnt then i dont have i cant go. AHHHH i
finally got caught for skippen and i didnt even skip really
i just went to lunch then i got in trouble for a pass
violation and lieing and waht not...oh well its gay
anyways. Today nothing really cool happened went to school,
went to enhancement..went to sams...OMG sam gotta kitten
and shes sooooo sooooo soooo adorible!!!! hmm im talking to
rob,shawn,sam,kelly,mela, and vicky online...its ones really talking about anything
interesting...My mom pissed me off today, my step dad
goes..oh kim u should have never dyed your hair u are so
pretty just the way u are...and my mom goes...No shes so
nasty and ugly..sometimes i dont even liek her....(she was
talking about my personality) thens shes like i dont knwo
why she has to be so mean...well im only mean when she
starts screaming at me..god...parents...ahhhh cant live
with them cant live with out them...geeze well i gotta go!