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2010-08-05 09:58:17 (UTC)

Royal Wedding of Rajasthan- A Lifetime Experience

Wedding in itself is a lifetime experience. It happens only
once in life so, every people have desire to make their
wedding most romantic and memorable moment in life. Even
people get enchanted to think about their marriage. The word
‘wedding’ is candy for both married and unmarried. Married
people get dissolved in their past memories and unmarried
people start planning to make their wedding superb, a
wonderful experience. If you too are unmarried and want to
make your wedding simply superb then plan your wedding in
royal state of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is the regal land of Maharajas and is a very
idealistic place for royal wedding. The land of Rajasthan
evokes a sense of romanticism, glitz and enthusiasm. The
grandeur palaces, massive havelis, jeweled camel, colorful
culture and the wonderful ambience of the nature fill people
with a complete sense of royal pride and comfort. They fill
as if marriage is taking place in a fairy planet. The
wedding couple and their kin get a sense of true Indian

Many people both from other parts of India and abroad come
for Royal Wedding in Rajasthan. Even alien bride and
bridegroom wish to get dressed in royal Indian traditional
wedding costume. The bridegroom dressed in sherwani,
colorful tuban, carry a royal sword in the hand and ride to
bride’s palace on a decorated white horse. Rests of the kin
proceed for baraat procession on jeweled camel or other
traditional means of transportation. Bride loves to put on
lehanga, heavy jewellery and decorate hands with mehandi.
The wedding took place in a beautifully decorated Mandap.
The Mandap is generally decorated with fresh flowers. The
couple takes seven rounds around the holy fire. Each circle
has some sacred meaning. Every circle is a promise of making
married life happy and meaningful.

Folk dance and traditional music is the important part of
Weddings in Rajasthan. Each ritual of marriage starts with a
traditional music. The kin of wedding couple are made to
dance traditionally.

Mouth-watering Rajasthani cuisine makes wedding ceremony
more lively and amazing. Many cuisines are prepared for
royal wedding dinner. One thing to be noted is that the
dinner is not on buffet style. People are made to sit like
king on beautifully decorated carpets and are served in
copper or brass plates.

So, plan a Rajasthan Wedding Tours to get married in
romantic and royal manner. This is the place where love can
be expressed in most romantic manner and loving heart can be
bound in strong knot for lifetime.

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