Letters to Nancy
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2010-08-05 04:31:54 (UTC)

What reason?

Dear Mom
I can and saw you today. Your grave is the only place that
i feel close to you anymore. Ur room isnt really urs
anymore its dads. I it feels like your preasents is at
home anymore.. Its reallys starting to feel like your
outta my life forever. And freakly, it scares the shit
outta me.

Right now im on the phone with Jon. Hes grandma had to
go to the hospital last night and it sounds like hes
depressed. Im trying to help him but it all i can do not
to say somthing like, " At least its not ur mom." Or
something like that.

They say everthing happens for a reason right? Well
what was the reason for you to leave me? Who does that
denifent? What good does that do? Who does it help?