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2010-08-04 17:31:27 (UTC)


So I got throught another weekend of not knowing what is
going on. He continues to tell me that he does not know
what he wants and that I need to leave him alone about the
subject. Well it has come to my attention that when I say
that I'm going out or that I'm not going to be home, he
wants to know where I'm going and what i'm doing. Now
correct me if i'm wrong, but if we are not together then
it should not matter to you where I am going and what I am
doing. Correct?
He asked me about something I had said to him and I
tell him that i said it only because I was mad. I then
turn to him and ask him if he no longer loves me? And the
answer he gave me was he didn't know. So when I ask him
about it the other day, and I asked him if he meant it, he
said yes. So I then ask him. "if that is the case why do
you keep telling me that you love me?" and his response
to that is "there are different kinds of love." So I ask
if he loves me like a friend of what? And he tells me to
stop nagging about the relationship. Well WTF. Do I not
deserve and answer? I mean really. This shit is starting
to piss me off so bad, that i'm going to move out and just
go move to a motel somewhere.
I'm so sick of his shit. He doesnt' do shit around
the fucking house. AT ALL!!!!! I ask him to take out the
trash and he tells me that is the womans job. Her job is
to clean the house and that includes taking out the
trash. Well i tell you he does nothing in the fucking
house I mean nothing. He will not help with a fucking
thing. We go food shopping and GOD forbid he helps bag.
We needed to lay carpet in the house and he would not
help. I had to pay my cousins boyfriend to come over and
help me. I mean really.
He goes out on friday night and does not come home
until sunday morning. But yet if I wanted to do that he
would have a fucking fit. And he does not help with
taking care of the dog he wanted. He leaves it for me to
do. Please don't get me wrong I love my dog, he is like
my child, but the dog is his. He is the one the paid for
him and picked him out, so why leave it on me. I would
like to go out and haev some fun and stay out. but I
can't because, I want and need to make sure the dog is
taken care of.(feed, went out).
I am at my whits end with him. I really am. It is
coming to the point where I'm going to be a bitch to him
and just act as if I don't care. Then get this, we are
taking last night and he asks so what do the people at
your job think of me? I ask him what do you mean. And
his response is, "Well what did they say about your
boyfriend?" Which through me off. I didn't know that I
had one. LOL..... So I ask him, what do you consider me?
And he says "My girlfriend, what else?" Someone please
explain to me WTF is going on here.
LOL...Well any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.