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Me, Myself and I
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2010-08-04 16:56:28 (UTC)

The Best News Ever!

So it's great news right? Finidng our that you're
pregnant? Especially when you find out early, its a good
sign that things are already progressing.

I'd be so much more excited, if I hadn't miscarried 2
months ago. Now all I feel is anxiety and anticipation
that something is going to go wrong again. Every twinge
makes my heart stop, every funny feeling makes me rush to
the bathroom. I'm thinking sticky, hold-on-baby thoughts.

My poor fiance is just as worried, he is stuck on an oil
rig in Angola with men who speak rough, act rough and look
rough. I just want him home to hold my hand. He wants to
come home so he can wrap me in cotton wool. I'd hate that
though. I want to be independent, a proud round-bellied
lady. I want to be able to trust my body to do the right

Today, my cramps have subsided, and I feel a little more
tired than I did yesterday...I'm hoping these are all good
signs. I didn't take another test today, the 2 I did
yesterday were positive and as my period isn't due until
Saturday, I wont take another until then.

I want to shout it from the roof tops. Maybe soon.