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2010-08-04 15:38:44 (UTC)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dear Diary,

So this is my first online diary, and i hope i actually
stick to adding entries fairly often.

Today, i was supposed to go to Emerald Lake with my
friends but my mom decided to be bi-polar and say no
because "i've been out to much this summer" even though
last summer she yelled at me for not going out enough...
So i'm sitting in my room waiting for her cousin Jenny to
come over. Hopefully i'll be able to go out tonight
though. I have to work tomorrow which kinda sucks because
i cant have sleepovers since i work at 11. Oh well, i
need the money! I've set myself a bunch of goals for the
new school year that i think are reasonable if i work to
my potential and put in a good effort.
1) I want to keep my room clean all the time. This won't
be hard if i don't through all the clothes i try on every
day onto my floor.
2) Lose 30 pounds in 3 monthes. I'm not a big girl i'm a
size 3 and 121.6 pounds but my mom tells me i eat horribly
and am over weight. I'm going to start running and eating
more salads than bad foods.
3) I want to have an average of at least 86% in school.
This could be challenging because i tend to slack in
school but I am smart enough to achieve this goal.
4) Attitude. i need to be friendlier and not snap at
family, i want to build better relationships with my
family and friends.
5) I want to make things right with Alex, I gave him mixed
signals and I want to find a way to fix it. I need to not
be afraid of others opinions if i really like him and just
take the plunge.
6) I want to make as much money as possible whatever it
takes. I'll pick up more shifts or ill find a second job.
I want to be able to pay for as much of my Africa trip as
possible as well as buy my semi dress, back to school
clothes, and other things i need money for!

Well those are all my goals, lets see how well i do with
them. I'm going to need to stay very focused this year as
its grade 11 and i can't screw around anymore. I hope i
still have time to keep my social life and go to all the
parties like i used to.

The only thing i'm not excited for is that Rob might be
leaving our school and mvin to Sarnia if he makes the OHL
team. I think the final tryouts are at the end of august.
As much as he annoys me, i'll miss him alot. We're great
friends but when were together i don't know, we just fit.
Oh well i'm being selfish. Hockey is his future and he
deserves to make this team. I hope he does but i'll be
sad if he does as well.

That's all for today, ttyl