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2010-08-04 11:38:00 (UTC)

catch up

Well a lot has happened in the past months since I started
you. Thomas has joined the Navy and is three weeks in. He
got a new girlfriend before he left she lives in Vegas. I
miss him so much right now it hurts.

Jon has cancer again and we go for a transplant this week
Aug 5th and the transplant will take place on Friday the
13th. He is doing OK but I worry about him.

Dennis let me go. Broke my heart doing it but he thinks it
for the best. He is wrong but cant change a mans mind when
he makes it up.

We had to move and Mom and Dad Gave me the house on Elm. Its
the house I spent a lot of my child hood in. A place for
Jonny to live always. We put New ceiling in and replace some
of the walls. Look like crap right now but someday it will
look great. Just wish I had the money to fix it up.

I don't sleep hardly anymore. My mind feels it I am slowing
down in the thought prossess. But I just can't with every
thing that is going on.

We have a new pet. It is Jonny's dog his name is Pogo. He
thinks he is a lap dog and he is as big as we are. The is a
golden lab. He gets a long great with Tommy's cat Baby.

Well that's all for today I will write again later. tired
but I know sleep will not come.


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