My Social Turnaround
2010-08-04 03:11:27 (UTC)

Day 3. Holding strong

Another day of work. Came home and studied. After an hour of testing I check
my phone to read a text saying "Bought a bag come through".
Checked my results to see I was almost in the 90th percentile for the two
sections. aweeeesssommmmeeeee.
Reluctantly I stayed in anyway.
Its so hard. I have so much to lose. Im doing so well though, I feel like it may
be worth balancing.
The other night at a party some snotty girl who im not even friends with said
as I was blowing a line "arent you going to law school?" I gave a response like
who knows? or something knowing where she was getting at. It bothered me.
She wasnt looking out for me. She's simply jealous that I was having more fun
than her and also have a better job, school, and grades.
Part of me thinks that I just grew unhappy out of fear of how society says Im
doing things wrong. But who cares what they say? And maybe their all jealous
like the girl at the party. O, and by the way, she served me coffee at a fast food
joint today.
But anyway, for now Im holding strong. I definitely want to stay at least
relatively sober until test day.
I realized today that its the first time all summer I actually have some money in
the bank. Iv had cash all summer and spent the last of it the night before my
paycheck. Thats absolutely feels good. Im still gonna have to craigslist some
things or something for when I get back to school. Unless, of course, I dont
party. Dont see that happening though, especially after october.
Until tomorrow.