This Relationship
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2010-08-03 19:44:25 (UTC)

So far

So far in the relationship, we have been going out for
about 8 months. He's 18 I'm 17. Met during our juinor year
of high school and just getting ready to start our seinor
year. His name is Nick and he means everything to me. i
have been in one serious relationship before him that
lasted for almost 2 years. But i think it means something
that this relationship feels all around different than any
other relationship i have been in. we kinda jumped in with
both feet and got started on the serious pieces of a
realtionship just a few months into it. but it also feels
different because nothing gets old with him. every time we
do something it feels like the first time. me and him are
connected on every level and whats even better is we can be
exactly ourselves with each other. we can talk about
ANYTHING. we know everything about the other and tell each
other about everything. excited to start this new year but
nervous for the end of it when we both graduate... what
happens then even if were both trying to keep it together?