The Life and thoughts of Moi :)
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2010-08-03 15:47:37 (UTC)

My Thoughts !

Okay So .. My name is desiree and my birthday is in three
days. I will be turning 14! Me and my family will be going to
Illinois to see family that I havent seen in a while like my
grandma and aunt.
On another note , Why do people have to be so fake ? Like
they'll tell you that they are your friend then go and say
some dumb shit about behind your back, if they're gonna say
something about you , Make sure they can at least have proof
or back it up. I hate it when people talk shit but can never
back it up. All i know is i'm all about mine and if someone
says something about me, I will damn sure address it and
thats real.
Much Love ,
Nik :)

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