Mad Pineapples

My Start Over
2010-08-03 12:58:36 (UTC)

Kinda My Life Story

Ok this is my first online diary entry. Here goes.

I'm still trying to get ,my head around the fact I'm writing
this, as all my life I never liked writing, or wanted to
write a diary.
Then again, there was no problems in my life then.

Like many people now, my parents are devoiced, I'm fine with
that, I was very young when it all happen, I can't really
remember it any more, we all moved on, my dad got a
partner,and I liked her, my mum got another husband a few
years later, I didn't not like him, I knew even if I didn't
like him it wouldn't change anything.
My life was all flatting out, I just had two family's I was
fine with that, then my step dad had a car accident, we had
a fair amount of money, but he was a builder, he worked all
his life to be a builder, thats all he could really do.
But then after his crash, he had damage to his leg, and
could not build.
After that he changed. He was very moody, with random
dramatic mood swings, he was the farther to my little sister
now, Lucy, shes far younger than me, but we have loads iun
Money started getting tight, my mum worked full time,

Sorry G2G