hikari nikku
2010-08-02 18:48:53 (UTC)

i finally get it

I knew. Your eyes don't lie I just wonder
why you deny it all. It makes me think so
much, and now I just feel completely
stupid. Guess it was good that I didn't
tell you how I felt, cause over all you
didn't feel the same. Not after tonight
anyway. Suppose in the end it was my
fault for what happened the first time.
Now I'm at a loss for both sides. So what
do you say when this sort of thing
happens. Obviously its almost
bittersweet, and what was the intention.
Never thought I'd have to go back and
rethink this much... but I've noticed my
senses for peoples vibes have gotten
stronger. Somehow I knew something
would happen. Not even just by simple
actions towards the last story. Just
different parts from today. Did you both
want to spite, because in her eyes I saw
jealousy. So what does that make you. A
predator, praying on people with
emotional discomfort. Taking revenge
was never a good option. Mhh, well
at least not a plausible one. Guess that's
it than, its really over. Wishes wishes
wishes wishes wishes wishes wishes
wish. I don't want to wish anymore.

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