Confessions of a married woman
2010-08-02 18:20:40 (UTC)

back in business

So I am determined to get S outta my head. He's not worth
my memory space (he would if he was super awesome,but hes
not so fuck him). Yes I miss him but he's just a memory
now a/an, unfortunately, nice one that I don't regret
because I totally liked him a lot.

So seriously I need a break from the freaking weekend! It
was a busy weekend for me but very fun. You know, I am so
unsure of men and women at this moment. I usually say
that men are players and just looking out to find
something better when in reality it is a two way street.
My friends that I have been hanging out with have proved
it to me. They are both married and they were the ones
that started taking me out clubbing, since M knew I was
going through a divorce and stuff. She invited me and
opened my eyes to an entire new world, club scene, which I
truly enjoy because I just love dancing! She then invited
K and ever since all three of us have been like peas and
carrots. Let me tell you about K and M, I've learned so
much from them not only as a friend but as a woman too. I
love them and whatever happens while we are out happens
and we take it to the grave. I don't approve of cheating
not even if that means just a kiss, I don't not if you are
married or in a serious relationship, but we are all grown-
ups and we know right from wrong. I can give my two cents
but I am not going to say, yes do it or no, don't do it.
Anyway, a few months back K was "seeing" some guy outside
her marrige, thankfully she didn't sleep with him or
anything, but she still had a half affair i guess. I told
her it was wrong since she was still married and they
werent separated or anything like that, she had a day of
realization not too long ago and well, she got over it
and she is very repented and .. well anyway... now to M...
m likes this guy that frequents the club we go to... she
is too married and she messes around with im by flirting
and kissing with him... *sigh* it kinda dissapoints me! I
told them that i didnt think it was right one bit but that
of course I was not going to say anything and I'm not! I
just don't wanna be involved, sooo wrong! I guess we are
all equal!

Anyway, I had a blast regardless of what my girls were
doing. On friday we went to the club and omg I was a man
magnet! I was having so much fun switching dance partner
ever minute! I was flirting with so many and I even feel
guilty myself because i was totally flirting with this
adorable, adorable guy that was MARRIED! He was totally
into me but he was hesitant because he was there with his
brother-in-law (his wife's brother!)he was tall, light
skinned, bald (not naturally), super cute smile,
anyway...we were talking for a while and he was observing
at the type of guys I was looking at and he said, why are
you looking at the short ones? You are too hot to look at
those.. I was giggling I said, I don't like short guys but
there are cute guys that are short ya know, I'm just
looking. He was totally flattering me it felt so good, I
was talking into his ear because it was loud! I turned
from his ear one time and our lips locked for like a
second! OMG! I guess I'm just as bad as the other girls
excpet that I'm single! He was surprised anyway as soon
as I found my friend again, I left him. This other time I
was dancing with some really cute guy but I had just
started and this guy was looking at me intensly, and you
are not going to believe what he did! He walked up next
to me... and my hands were around the other guy's neck...
he put something in my hand... I opened it and it was his
number!!! How freaking cute is that?!?!??! That was sooo
oldschool! He totally made my night. I didnt call him but
I sorta want to because that was so cute and original and
oldschool.. hmm maybe I should just to say hi and tell him
what I thought of his action. Anyway I had a blast at the
club and I'm looking forward to it again this Friday with
some new friends!

Saturday I went to a really fun birthday party and danced
my ass off it was a family party but it was really fun and
finally yesterday I went to a baptism they had a reception
at the park and that was fun so... I had a overbooked
weekend! I like them that way because its fun! Being
single is good, I dunno why the hell I'm looking for a
relationship! I'm having way too much fun!


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