my life as shantay
2010-08-02 05:08:40 (UTC)

Wat a summer I've been having

My summer has been going great and awful and exciting and
surprising all
at once.As u know in september u go up a grade and I'm
going up a
grade which means going to a new school and makin new
been hearing a lot of stuff frm my acquaintance thus
summer. Like she
told me that jeynahh is moving to Atlanta with a lot of
black ppl and she's
white.I would have no problem but she doesn't like it
because she said
that the black kids down there are racist and call hr
things like white trash
and little miss whitey.I think its good for her because
she needs a taste of
what she's been doing to other ppl.I also had a shocking
with michael hills at disney world in Florida.I was going
on the tower of
terror In Hollywood studios N as soo as we hit the drop I
looked over and
saw his dirty face looking at me with a Sly grin on his
face.That's when my
vaca starting going downhill because I started getting
depressed and
worried because the day after that happened I could have
sworn I saw him
at the pool in my resort smiling at me again.That's wen I
really started
getting scared.Also I dnt need to hideout frm my diary
anymore because
jeynahhs moving so I don't think I need to worry
yea and the
scariest confruntation of all with seing Michael hills was
when I thought I
saw him at the wing of my airplane when there was a lot of
and now as the summer finishes I wonder If I can still live
on this earth
because Michael hills is just creeping up behind me
watching my every
move and I just feel like crying until he just gets washed
out of my head.And , i think hes doing voodoo on me. But
now I think I'll pik up some chicken mcnuggets at
mcdonalds cuz
mcdonalds always calms me down.

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