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2010-08-02 00:24:34 (UTC)

August 1, 2010

So last night I went over Mary and Joe's and Caitlin had already left. Thank God!
I brought over some of my purchases from earlier in the day to show them. I
was so excited and shocked at all the good stuff I got. Mary said she loved it all
also. We watched some television and then Mary and I passed out. I stayed over
there and left early this morning. When I got home I slept for an hour and then
left to go to soccer.

Soccer was good today. I enjoy playing with my team. They are all nice people.
We beat the other team even though we let them play with 3 guys instead of 3
girls. We told the refs we didn't care if they played as long as the refs stayed.

After soccer I got home and did some laundry and better yet, finished my
resume and cover letter to hopefully find a job. However, when I called my dad
to tell him I sent him copies to look over, he said not long after he hung up that
Jim Daniels called and had a job lead for me. I guess some dentist he knows has
his father retiring soon and is in search of a new dentist to work with. I don't
want to get my hopes up but its at least a good lead.