The untold stories of a med student
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2010-08-01 20:35:27 (UTC)

A Duckling

Well not sure if i have even written in this on my new found
surprise. i am going to have a baby its my 1st and i am kinda
scared no one really wants this baby but me and my boyfriends
family thinks that if he is a dad to my baby that he cant be
a dad to his other kids and that is not the case i love
duckie ( my boyfriends name ) with all my heart and i want
this baby more then anything in the world i just wish that
people would be happy for me and help me alone my way
insteasd of always trying to get me down and hurt me cuz i
deserve better and so does my baby ya know.

My mother and i dont talk because of some guy and some
gossip. and i really need her right now but none of that will
change it cant and it wont. I miss her alot but nothing i
dont know i am at a loss for words and its taking its toll on
my child i have been to the emergancy room twice since i
found out about the baby on the 9th of july you cant tell me
thats all i need to do is breathe i just wish i had a life
line someone to talk to. And then my boyfriend has even told
me that he doesnt really want the baby anyways. I am sorry i
am not sarah ( his ex) but you did leave her before we were
anything... you cant keep making me feel like its my fault
that i am the reason that you cant see your son... cuz Sarah
wont let duckie see his son cuz he is with me. i dont know i
just am at a loss for words and really need a friend can
anyone help