Dirty Fractyl
2010-08-01 07:34:12 (UTC)

The Spiral of Progress

A spiraled path across the way
Has left me blinded
With naught to say

For when they are saying "peace and security,"
I approach myself, my levity,
And cast a hay penny down the well,
That I may spend it, ere in hell.

Simplistic plans have hatched awry,
And contemplated a lover's sigh--
Projected with an impish laugh
I cut myself nearly in half:

In attempt to hear your voice again.
I struggle to write with my pen
The things you spoke unto my heart
Before you had chosen to depart.

Please take creedence, angel,
And save me from the wicked one;
I am chased by demons
And am unable, yea, to run.

A million years' treasury
Is scarcely but a rippled wave
Within eternity, my soul I gave...

She received it not,
Nor thanked me sure,
I approach this death
Without a cure?

Or have I crossed the finite path
That separated me from glee,
And wraught my heart with such pain
To bring me to eternity.