My mind
2010-08-01 01:53:44 (UTC)


well made it though another day of pain.. yeah me... when
will the pain stop.. if it isn't my foot (witch hurts all the
time) its my teeth lately.. im so sick and tired or the crap...

anyways.. talked to my mother tonight... i don't no why i
do.. i guess im looking for her to tell me she is happy for
me or something.. i no it wont happen.. but im still looking
for it.. for once in my life i am doing good.. don't have a
loser in my life.. and making something of my life and all i
want to hear from my family is they are happy for me.. well
it happen??? fuck no... nothing i do in life will ever make
them happy... so fuck them.. they can kiss my ass... i say i
don't need them.. but i really do.. i want my family.. in a
way.. i have found though that i can do stuff a lot without
them... its hard but i can do... i just miss my family...
and that is another part of my pain... but i think if i ever
stop having pain in my life i will not no how to act.. lol..
weird to say but i am so use to having it... all my life i
have... but ok.. gtg.. need to put a kid to bed...

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