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2010-07-30 21:57:05 (UTC)

What to do, what to do

Ok so i have been with this guy for almost two years now.
we have had our ups and downs, and i must say we have had
a lot of them. we just recently got into a really big
fight and now he is tellling me that he doesn't know what
he wants to do. we do live together and we split the
bills. when i ask him if he wants to stay in this
relationship or not he tell me i don't know. i need to
think about it. well i wrote him a letter the other night
tellling him that i'm not a toy nor a doll and that i
needed an answer and that all he had to do was ask himself
if he wanted to stay in this relationship and what ever
answer came out first is the answer he should give me. i
also told him that if he did not want to talk about the
letter that i would take it as he does not want to be with
me anymore. so he read the letter and mentioned nothing.
i said i was going to bed and he said he was going too. i
didn't feel right and when i said i was going to go sleep
on the couch he said "you better keep your ass right here
in bed." now what am i supposed to think? i'm not going
to just sit around and not know what is going on with us.
i mean he still tells me that he loves me, but the night
we got into the fight he said he didn't know if he loved
me anymore but yet since then he has said it to me and has
texted it to me. so i'm really at a loss right now and
i'm not sure what to do. we rarely ever have sex. i have
to almost beg him too. but yet he says he is not
cheating. well if we are not doing it then you must be
doing it with someone else, is the the way i see it. he
tells me that he just doesnt' have it on his mind like
that. when i texted him today saying "well being you did
not respond to my letter in anyway, i'm taking it that you
do not want to be in this relationship. am i correct on
that?" and his response to me was, " i told you that i
needed to think about it and that i don't need you nagging
me about it, whether it be in a letter or talking about
it." so can anyone help me here? i mean really what am i
supposed to do? he is acting like nothing has changed
but yet won't tell me anything and tells me take it how
ever you want to take it... i'm getting too old for this
shit. i really am. so if anyone out there has any
suggestions on what to do please tell me. thanks.