Confessions of a married woman
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2010-07-30 16:48:35 (UTC)

Almost Two weeks!

So this coming Monday is going to be two weeks since I've
seen the person I have fallen the hardest for in a
LONNNNNNNGGGGG time. He hasn't texted, called, or
messaged me. I did send him an email on Wednesday to wish
that his son's surgery came out alright, if he in fact did
go through surgery, which I doubt it because of his
activity on line. Anyway I just wrote: "Was just
thinking about you. Hope your son's sugery was a success,
I'm sure it was. Call me if you need to vent or
whatever. xoxo my name" of course he didn't or hasn't
replied :(. I have given up. I don't usually do follow
ups but I sorta did with that email that he didn't even
respond to. I have decided to let go and just let it be.
If he thinks about me he will call me write me, text me..
whatever. Doubt I'll ever hear from him though. See this
is what makes women the bitches that we are sometimes,
guys like him. That play us by sweet talking to us,
making us feel wanted it is sad when a guy is really
serious bout his feelings and then we have to be
suspicious about it, but thats because most guys are like
S. What are we going to do? Oh well i'm done being upset
for S. I'm just gonna again pick myself up, dust my self
off and carry on. Tonight my girls and I will be hitting
the club and I have a full agenda for Saturday and
Sunday.... woohoo! Have a great weekend all :)

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