Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2010-07-30 05:34:29 (UTC)

I am Sancho Panza

It is imperative each knight has a lady; a knight without a
lady is a body without a soul. To whom would he dedicate his
conquests? What visions sustain him when he sallies forth to
do battle with evil and with giants?

Miguel de Cervantes ~ Don Quixote

There is much folly in these hills. I am borne of two minds
to declare one set of promises false, and the other as a
fiction created by the disingenuous lover of who I speak in
order to lull myself and others into a false sense of
security. To what end you ask? I know not, for I merely step
in the shadows of those who've come before and humbly walk
amongst the lily's, breathing softly on dafodils watching
thier plumes of ether waft into the air gliding softly among
the reeds by the shore. I know enough, and yet, never will I
know a thing. these are all true. I love, love. A beautiful
corset. and a damned well cooked 'za. and those brown eyes
staring off out the window. Oh yes. I am a terrible
romantic, and one day soon, I would hope, I may become more
of a man, than I was today, or yesterday. or ever. these are
all things, one can hope for.

I have no mind to speak of. But I am without pause, running
on empty. bit of a misnomer really, dire consequences of
ill-timed mannerisms I should like to think. Finally got
something out of the trustee's, well, I call it progress,
I'm sure they think of it as some dire monstrosity on my
part and that soon I shall succumb to some precarious danger
brought on by their own misanthropy and other mischief. Of
course, that shall not the case. I am over exaggerating the
savage ones predilection for infliction of grievous harm to
my brain. But a real simple and very explainable situation.
I loathe and detest the bastards. Not too hard to grasp by
anyone who knows anything about something. Lawyers,(Derek
accepted of course), they all aught to be herded into a
corral and beaten with thrushes. A simple explanation is all
that was required. Spending a year and a half fucking
around, wasn't required.

I'm just saying. Leave me to my own, but not too long, I
tend to wilt in the shade.