hikari nikku
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2010-07-30 04:38:03 (UTC)

Hop a plane, just to find you dead in the streets... shot by a sniper with a photo of us in your hand

one of my close friends is going off to war in a week. I
knew this would happen eventually, I just wish it would
occur later than sooner. I really don't want to see him
leave *sigh* Afghanistan is so far away. 6months ago when he
told me he was joining the army I almost didn't know how to
react. I was almost angry at him for even having the thought
to join. I've never liked our government at least the people
in it, & I never understood a true cause or reason to fight
this war. As we talked, I cried a lot... that's one thing i
can remember clearly. No matter how many times I asked you
not to, no matter how many reasons I told you I never wanted
you to leave, in the end.. all i could do was sit back and
respect your decision. I felt as though I was helpless. I'll
still never forget that night, and the last words you said
to me. "if by going over there, it will keep you safe...
then I'd happily die for you any day." & as i took those
words in, I felt my body gasp a silent breathe. The sounds
of Tegan&Sara's "Dark Come Soon" song was playing in the
background, and I collapsed. I want you to be alive! So my
darling friend, I will tell you once again today... I love
you. Remember how much I care, and please.... whatever you
do, come home safe to me.

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