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2010-07-30 01:07:17 (UTC)

July 29th, 2010

Today was a rough day to wake up to. I just wanted to spend the whole day
bed. Instead I got up to see my patient at 8:30am and the patient did not
up or answer or return my phone call. While it stunk to know that I could
slept in after a horrible night of sleep for 2 nights in a row, I was able to get a
good portion of my lab work done for my aggravating patient from the day
before. Which that patient was quite the patient to have.
After going to lunch with a bunch of my friends, I went to predoc endo so
I could participate in the anesthetic research study. Luckily, I got done by like
2:45 and was able to relax the rest of the afternoon.
I talked to Matt tonight and he bought a crossbow. I also noticed he bought
a softball bat for $265. This would have not bothered me but this afternoon
when walking home from school Matt kept making comments about how I
spend all the money on a dresser for under our TV and a bedroom set. How
the hell could he say that to me when he benefits from them while I sit in
Cbus and hate being here because he is in Cleveland with our house that we
have done so much work on. Matt said he would buy me something the next
time he is down here for his softball tournament. I don't know about that and
its not that I even want stuff, its just that I hate feeling bad about buying stuff
to make our house look nice for him and that he gets the greatest benefit
from. Also, there are times when I would die to buy stuff and am cheap about
it and won't because I am worried about what he will say or if we will be able
to pay certain bills. WHile I figure we will always be able to make due, how he
constantly talks about our spending it makes me sooo nervous.
Now its time to go to bed and watch tv. I am not tired but know my body is
really tired. Hopefully I can fall asleep well tonight. Tomorrow is another long
day of classes, in which does not end with me making the long dreadful, yet
rewarding haul back to Cleveland. I will hate not seeing Matt this weekend
and I hope I do not get irritated ( which often occurs). However, I really wish
Matt would come down here more often. I hate making that trek up to
Cleveland and I have just been doing it way too often lately. Soon enough
though he will be coming down for football games.

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