baby doll87

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2010-07-29 23:42:59 (UTC)

A year later!!

Me and the Italian guy broke up a month after that so here
it is a year later and I' am single but no worries cause I
know I will find out some to have some fun with and
everything so I go out and sure enough I see this really hot
guy and he see's me and he comes up to me and starts talking
to me and then next thing I know we are on a date. Well
after the date we go back to my house cause I had the house
to myself and we start talking. Then just out of the blue he
kissed me right then I know what he wanted to do. So I went
ahead and kissed him back cause he was a great kisser and I
told him to hold on a min and I got up and went and put on
some music for us it was fast and I started to dance teasing
him. He told me that he loved it and that I'm so sexy
dancing and he told me not to stop he got up and got behind
me and grab my hips and started dancing with me. Then he got
off my shirt and started rubbing my body so I turned around
and took off his shirt and his pants and when I did that I
saw how big he was cause he was hard as hell. Then he got
off my pants and panties and he moved his hand down to my
pussy and told me that he want it. He want's to know how
tight it is and good it is and by this time I am already wet
from dancing and it was dirty dancing then he takes off his
boxers and i really see how hard it is and likely it. He
sits down and grabs my hand and pulls me to him and I go
down and put the head of his cock in my mouth and then he
push's my head all the way down on it and I gag on it. Then
he pulls me up and tells me to sit on it so I sit on it and
the head goes in slowly and I start moaning cause I am so
tight he push's me down and tells me to take it all so I
make it all go inside in me. I rode that cock making him
moan telling me that he loves my pussy he tells me that he
is going to fuck it good and make it hard like no other cock
has before. Then he flip me over doggy style and he slim it
in me making me scream he pound it moaning screaming my name
and screaming oh baby and me screaming at him not to pull it
out not to stop to keep going that I love the feeling of it.
Then about that time I started to cum and he cum right with
me all up in me too. And yes that was my very first one
night stand..