Fort Casimir
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Peter Stuyvesant

To make matters worse, Peter Stuyvesant, the director of New
Netherland, now decided to reassert Dutch authority on the
Delaware, and Printz was powerless to resist. In the summer
of 1651, Stuyvesant moved two hundred men across the
Delaware between Fort Elfsborg and Fort Christina and
established a fortification of his own, Fort Casimir, which
cancelled the strength of the Swedish strongholds. Printz's
own people were in a rebellious state, and in 1652,
twenty-two of his men openly defied his authority and
demanded the release of a Finnish prisoner. In a towering
rage, the director hanged the leader of the insurrection,
but this revenge gave him small comfort. In the autumn of
1653, he shook the dust of the country from his feet and
journeyed to New Amsterdam where he accepted the hospitality
of his great rival, Stuyvesant, until he could get passage
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About the time Printz was leaving New Sweden, efforts were
being made at home to reinforce the colony in strength. The
young queen, Christina, heard stories of the New World and
encouraged the enterprise. Under the command of an impetuous
director, Johan Rising, more than two hundred and fifty
colonists embarked on the ship "Eagle" in January 1654 with
high hopes of a new life on the Delaware. But misfortune
rode the whirlwind and the "Eagle" took more than three
months to make the passage. When she eventually reached the
Delaware, more than a hundred of her crew and passengers
were dead. Though his strength was depleted, Rising captured
Fort Casimir from the Dutch, disembarked the immigrants, and
began a trade for food and supplies with New England and the
Indians. His antagonism of the Dutch, however, proved a
fatal error, for Stuyvesant in the summer of the next year
sent soldiers and sailors who plundered the Swedes and
reduced them to subjection.