hikari nikku
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2010-07-29 19:08:26 (UTC)

Can A Cat With Two Legs, Still Be Considered A Cat? mhh, I'd Like To Think So.

if i tell you a story, will you keep it a secret? if i put
trust in you, even though we may not know each other that
well. I don't understand why you're so different than the
others. I may have confidence, but I'd give anything to have
the courage to tell you exactly how I feel. There seems to
be a whole world of reasons I can't seem to grasp the words,
the air, the power to tell you what exactly is on my mind.
Is it too late now? Too late to tell you everything, and
have our lives go back to the beginning. I don't even think
I want it to be how it was... because the past is just a
memory now and I'd like to make new ones with you

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