How to spend given 90 days
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2010-07-29 15:35:49 (UTC)

Day 3 and 4 Happy Family Moment

First of all, I feel a bit of disappointment for not
keeping my promises to keep diary everyday.. I already
skipped it.

I shortly summerize that yesterday, I went to hotspring
with my grandma.
She is strong person, I think, if she were young in
present time, I cannot be any comparison to you, when it
comes to the character of career woman.
She started to learn many things after her age of 60.
I had many chances to see her as we live very close, but
didn't really have time myself to take her anywhere alone.
We went to hotspring, the talk was nothing special, but I
felt I was given so much power from her.

Then, today.......
I think I am close to the monthly thing soon,so, I could
not be so energetic like yesterday.
I slept in half of day.
But, we had a small gathering with my gramdma and gramdpa
on my father's side.

I really think we are very happy to be able to welcome
them here to our house. Had very warming talks, alhtough
some arguements here and there.

I really feel this time off was given by a god though I
dont believe in it.
Because, had I now had this chance, I would not be able to
do this. I would not have felt so appreciated to my family.
I would not have appreciated the fact that thers is mom
who told me to go sleep even before midnight.

I used to work until midnight or even later.
Not for myself, but for company.
I was like a robot without face, whose energy is only
small amount of money.

It might be better for me to find some job, which I can
only do, or maybe which can let me go just after 5 oclock

I feel still uneasy for not working,,, but fuck it.
I decided to think that I gained this great job at big
compay, that is why I am making use of the rights I got !

Tomorrow, I need to get up and stay my dad's office.

Ciao !

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