Little Black Book
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2001-10-10 01:45:13 (UTC)

Hello All

This is my first entry in any kind of diary. I guess
I should start out with a few things about myself. Im 16
years old and my name is Andrew Roland. I have brown hair
and eyes and Im about 5'10". In my free time I like to
write poems and short stories. Maybe I'll post a few. I
doubt anyone is going to read this except me. That's
okay. However, if you are reading this, I'd like to hear
what you have to say, even if you just want to call me some
obscene name that you learned in your 7th period english
If you want to know about what kind of person I am,
well, some of my friends say that I'm very sweet and that
I'm i nice guy. I dont know if I believe them or not. I
suffer from depression and I have attempted suicide nine
seperate times. I say this not because I want sympathy,
but because I think that it is an important part of who I
am. If anyone cares, my email adress is
[email protected] and my AOL screen name is
DariusGreen42. If you really must know, Darius Green is a
character from a poem called Darius Green and His Flying
Machine by Throwbridge. It's about a boy who builds a set
of wings only to try them and fail in front of his
brothers, thus humiliating himself. Sad story, huh? I
thought so too.
The only real reason I'm even doing this is because
one of my friends thought that it would be a good way for
me to have a place to write any poems I came up with. My
therapist says keeping a diary would be good for me.
Either way, I think I'll do this because Lord knows, i have
nothing better to do with my time. Well, I'm fairly
confident that I have sufficently bored anyone who actually
did start reading this, and so I believe I will stop.
Peace and love!
(I've always wanted to say that!)