baby doll87

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2010-07-29 01:47:11 (UTC)

2 months later!!

Well 2 months later I started dating someone else who was a
lot better then my first he was part Italian and OMG a lot
bigger then the first one and then first night I stayed with
him we were watching a movie. Then he looked at me and asked
if I wanted something to eat and I said yes so he cooked me
dinner and we watched a movie as we ate and it was the
perfect dinner. Then after we ate dinner we watch another
movie and we hung up to each other to stay warm. The next
thing I know is he came in to kiss me and the way he kissed
he was like time stop for a min. Then he slowly move his
hands to my tits and then up under my shirt and I was
enjoying every bit of it. Well it started to rain and we got
this idea to go outside in the rain and dance and kiss in
the rain it was like a fairytale. The next thing that happen
was we were naked dancing in the rain that is when he grab
me and kissed me and he layed me on the car and kissed me
from head to toe. He went down and licked my pussy he told
me that is was so good and that he loved it that it is sweet
and I was going to give him head but he told me no that he
didn't want it cause he was already hard and about that time
I felt the head of his cock in me. It was so thick and round
and I love every bit of it cause it felt so good and so much
better then my first he had me lean over the car like I was
doggy but not on my knees just my hands touching the car so
I did and he put it back in and feeling the rain make it
even better. He fucked it for 2 damn hours and he cum more
then once but not all in me twice in me twice in my mouth
and once on my chest.

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