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2010-07-28 22:39:13 (UTC)


ok so I told my boss at my job that I had an interview at
another job so she wasn't suprised if they contacted her
for a reference. She said she would give me a good

I am suprised that she was shocked to hear about this. I
was kinda hoping that they would have already contacted her
since the lady that did my interview kinda sounded like she
was going to give me the job. hmmm. maybe she got busy or
something?? who knows. I think i am just getting paranoid.

I hope Jake doesn`t change his mind about trying to have a
baby this fall. Though I could just be getting excited
because I think if we want to try for a boy we need to plan
in accordance to the Chinese Conception chart to increase
our chances of a boy. I want a baby so bad!! I am 26 and
going to be 27 in march. I am definately not getting any
younger. I think its time.