2010-07-28 17:42:41 (UTC)

jobs-what to do

its been a couple days since I have written last. Ok life
is still complicated. so I have these 2 jobs. one job i
like the learning experience but hate the people I work
with and the jacked hours that I work which causes me to
gain weight and I am exhausted all the time. and i get
paid a lot of money but i have a 2 hour drive to work one
way. lets also discuss bad roads.

the other job is retarded and I learn absolutely nothing
and the most challenging thing about it is the
paperwork.the pay is decent and i have a 30 minute drive
one way.

I just had an interview with another company and i have
feelings of absolute excitement. the hours are actually 8-
5. i have literally NEVER had hours like that. I would be
traveling across most of western iowa visiting clients. my
gas mileage would be reimbursed. so I need to decide which
job i will quit if i get this job.

my husband thinks that i should keep the job that i travel
the farthest distance at. I guess if i keep looking at
other home-health jobs that may come availble i can always
quit the other and have literally normal hours. i have an
official goal in life-NORMAL working hours!!

First I pray that i get this job. keep your fingers
crossed! I really need something to look forward to if my
home life and work life both suck totally then maybe i can
go to work and like my job. that would just be a dream.