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2010-07-28 06:20:01 (UTC)

Wildlife Tourism in North-eastern India –Himalayan Region

The north-eastern part of India is home to rich variety of
flora and fauna. This part of country displays plant and
animal kingdom of very different variety due to Himalayan
eco system and unique climatic condition. in this part of
the country, you can spot wildlife like Bengal tiger,
one-horned rhino, elephant, crocodile, python, snow leopard,
musk deer and many other species of Himalayan eco-system.

Sunderbans National Park in West Bengal and Kaziranga
National Part are important national parks to visit during
East India Wildlife Tour. Sunderbans is famous for housing
maximum population of Bengal tiger in India. This national
park is densely populated with mangrove plant and animals
due to its location nearby sea and presence of saline water
in the park throughout the year. This park is also home to
many birds, reptiles, crocodiles, aquatic animals and
invertebrate species of animals. Visit the park and see such
a different species of animals which are rare in rest of the
parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Kaziranga National Park is
famous for Asiatic elephant, water buffalo and tea gardens.
The park houses many other species of animals including
tigers, snow leopard, many species of deer etc. it is very
rich in animal population and is worth to be visited.

In the lower Himalayan region kalimpong is a hotspot of
Himalayan eco-system. Acacia is the most common species of
this region. The region is also famous for Neora Valley
National Park with high population of tigers and other
species. The region is also called as the home of spices. It
is known for producing cash crops for national economy. You
can get a panoramic view of Orchid, flowering plant which
looks very stunning and amazing.

Himalayan region are rich in polar species of plants and
animals. It is also the home to many medicinal herbs.
Explore the Himalayan eco-system and get acknowledged with
the rich flora and fauna of Himalayan region. During the
Wildlife Tour India, you can also enjoy the exhilarating
experience of trekking and mountaineering.

However, it is worth to inform that whole of India is rich
in flora and fauna and displays quite different species of
wildlife. If you are wildlife crazy, then also move toward
northern and southern part of the country. You will surely
enjoy India wildlife Tours. Some of the must visit parks in
India are Jim Corbett National Park, Ranthambhore National
Park, Periyar National Park, Keoladeo National Park, etc.
Take out time and explore the wildlife in India.

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