Little Secrets
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2010-07-28 01:45:39 (UTC)

Here we go again..

There's always that one relationship you had in your life
that you will never forget. Sadly, this relationship ended
in a vulgar way. You're heartbroken after the horrible
break up with the person you loved the most. Eventually,
you start forgetting about the great times you had and
start thinking about what happened between the two of you
that went completely wrong. You had the perfect
relationship..so what changed?
Finally, you forget about what happened between you two
altogether, and whenever you see this person's name or you
see a picture of them, you just roll your eyes and look
away. You move on to bigger and better people and you start
to change yourself for the better since that person made
you go to your worst. You stop talking to this person,
seeing them, and thinking of them. You tell your friends
that you're completely over them, where deep deep down you
still know that you have some sort of feelings for them.
After all, you can't forget about your memories that easily.
But once you're on your feet again, they come back into
your life out of nowhere and act as if evrything's fine.
Everything's fine for a little bit since you two are only
having conversations with each other that are non-
confrontational. Then, you start talking about the happy
times you had within your relationship, and you two realize
that you still have those strong feelings that you had back
then. Once you two are just about to get somewhere, they
leave you again. Hanging by a tiny thread. This time,
you're more heartbroken than you were whenever you broke
It's not the fact that you two were becoming closer, it's
the fact that you thought that there was some sort of hope
between the two of you getting back together. You turn to
your friends but all they can say is that they hate them
even more, and that you should really let go.
Time passes, and you're finally starting to see someone
else that's worth your time. You're really happy with this
person, until your problematic ex comes back into your
life. Here we go again. They smooth talk you once again,
and play the same mind games that they did the first time.
You start thinking about the same happy thoughts that you
were before, and they really get inside your head. Suddenly
you're stuck. You have to choose between the past..or the
Think about it....your past..is called your past for a
reason. This time around, think about how you feel about
your life an hour before they started talking to you again.
You were probably this head strong, independent, happy
person, but that person suddenly dissappeared...again. Say
no. If you were in pain a couple times before because of
this jerk, then let them go. They'll change who you became
and wreck all of the progess that you have made along the
way. Consider your family. Consider all of your friends,
and the support the provided you while you were
heartbroken. You don't deserve the pain, and the people who
matter the most in your life don't either. Kick this
character to the curb for good. If destiny tries to bring
you together again, and that time is seems realiztic, then
that's when you can have different thoughts.

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