baby doll87

2010-07-28 01:21:28 (UTC)

A week later!!

Well about a week later I visting him at his house and we
were listening to some music and talking when all of a
sudden we kissed. Then he slowly took off my shirt and my
bra playing with my tits and kissing them and licking them
and as he was doing that I was biting his neck and then I
took off his shirt. Then he moved his hand down sliding off
my skirt and then my thong he layed me back playing with my
pussy and he started fingering it. Then next thing I know he
was licking it driving me up the wall it felt so good. He
got more on the clit and I was screaming telling him how
good it felt as I was taking my foot rubbing his cock. I
rolled him over on his back and took his cock out and took
off his pants and boxers and I put it in my mouth slowly
sucking it. Watching him he was loving it so I took it all
and that is when it got hard as hell and I was so wet he
told me to ride so I got on it and put it in and he was
thick in roundness. He pushed me down all the way on it
making me taking it all screaming cuz it was deep in me. As
I was riding it he was playing with my tits again. Then he
flip me over on my back and he put my legs in the air with
them spread fucking it so hard moaning and screaming his
name so loud I couldn't beleve how much bigger this was then
the first time was he make me at least 5 times and the 5th
time he cum all inside me and it felt so good.

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