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2010-07-28 01:06:32 (UTC)


I think the main reason why im writing in this is because i
just realized that my life is slowly falling. First it started
with R.. He was once the best thing in my life now.. he hates
me and will never look at me the same. I understand he does
hate me, i did cheat on him 3 times. But i still dont want him
out of my life. I guess i have to just get over him and let
him go. Even tho im still in love with him. I dont think i can honestly say that im over him and i dont think i can ever be
over him. I know his over me for a fact. Him and R are
probably going to hook up or go out. Maybe she will be a good
girlfriend for him. He talks shit about me but i cant bring
myself to say anything bad about him and mean it, i guess
because i actual am in love with him. People said that i was
to good for him, but i think that he was to good for me. He
would never cheat on me. Besides R there is C.. i guess i
could say C is my way of trying to get over R. But its not
really working, i like him so much, but i get sick of the
thought of me being with someone else. I guess every thing
that ive done wrong this year is coming back to me big time. I
want to say that im happy with my life.. but im not.