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2010-07-27 20:41:53 (UTC)

Right now these memories got me..

Right now these memories got me wondering if you remember me
cause now you don't even wanna be friends with me. Reality
bends and I see your face, I can taste your lips as we
embrace an I feel is love, I don't feel no hate, I liked
your smile, I liked your style, you were just so damn
lovable, your so damn wild, you made me feel like I was a
child again, never thought this life would get so hard
again, now im in the ocean, swimming far away, I don't wanna
fight, i'll never start one again.

Memories of you got me feelin so wild, memories of you got
me feelin like a child, memories of you make me feel my
denial, memories of you got me so suicidal, memories of you
leave me trapped in this dead zone. Where the lack of
sunshine allows everything to die, where the darkness is
everywhere.... Except for the images in my mind, except
these images in my mind...Except the images in my mind.