How to spend given 90 days
2010-07-27 15:06:51 (UTC)

Day 2: Did a lot today

I think I did many things;

*Got up around 8am
*Went for grocery shopping with my dear aunt
I needed to help her out cause she still feels sick today.
*Did laundry for whole family
*Cleaned kitchen
*Cooked lunch for mom and dad coming back for short lunch
*Helped mom to clean my grandfather's room (Only half done)
*Stayed in dad's office, chat a little.
*Chatted with somebody I really used to adore (prob. still
While staying in dad's office, I had nothing to do really,
So, checked out my scolar ship paying back status.
Also, changed my phone service status, which I didn't
really have time to deal with.
*Went for grocery shopping with mom

It was a day that I really deeply appreciated my family.
I still feel some depression, but when I am with them, I
can feel that I am alright.
I mean, if my job attacks me, I always have place to go

But, honestly, I feel a bit still lonely with my family.
I am supposed to be independent, should find somebody else
to rely on, not my family.
Because, I left my family's house long time ago....

Only one bad thing happened just before.
My phone rang,,,, unknown number.
Maybe this was from one of my co-worker.
I really hate this, I have nothing wrong with me,
there is nobody who would call or anything when I am

But, why ?????????

Why would they bother calling NOW ?!

I dont want this. Leave me alone.

One of my co-worker wrote to me to call one person who
handles general affairs.
Hmmmm what if she picks up my call while some of my
division's ppl are around ??

This was not my decision to take a break,,, but,,,,
I already feel guilty for not going to work.

I am determined... I will call the person , when she
leaves the office. ( I know, she is going home around 4pm
or something)

Tomorrow, I am going to hotspring with my grandmother.
Just relax!!! No other plan really.

Cheers! I am going to bed.