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2010-07-27 03:16:07 (UTC)

Today, ain't tomorrow

Dear readers,

I'm a new girl. For 19 years, i still feel like i'm new to
everything. Done with high school, yet, i still can't find a
way to build up my future. Do i want to go to college? or
just want to take a break out of this world and do whatever
may come. But this isn't fantasy anymore. This life is not a
movie life. everything here is real. if i don't hold on to
it, i might lose it all. I know how much my parent cares and
everybody cares for me. But, i still think that sometimes,
they push the limit too much and i must say, it does get
pretty annoying. Whenever i start hearing them giving those
10 minute life speech, i find my way out of it, or just plug
my earphones in and listen to loud or not-understandable
songs on my ipod. And i must say, out of all my summers,
this one turns out to be the most borring, terryfiyng, omg..
let just say, F***ked of all! Yes shopping is great, japan
was the best, but hen the second part, FML. Gosh i think the
person that is having the most fun is my little sister.
She's going to ask her gut friend out! gee.... kids these
days. they grow so fast. She' only 11 and she did something
that i still don't have the guts to do. "would you be my
boyfriend?" yea... you won't hear it from me. I rather hear
the other way. and then, i positively response if it is a
hot, handsome, or cute piece of man! haha. And one more
thing. the speech about education is tiring. but the speech
about my weight? come on! i am so not obese! im far to be
obese! i don't wear plus size clothes... i wear normal
clothes. and can't my parent understand that i am fine with
who i am? i have no problem at all!! they think out there
there r only pervert guyz left? im sure, super sure, that ou
there, there r still decent men that can see a woman from
the inside first. Another thing about me? i hate doing
things in public. Out there, there are eyes that are
staring. a reason why, i still don't feel very comfortable
with the karate thing. im like a freakin beginner and im in
group that does a 15 minute at the end, performing the hell
i know! Parents! just let me live. i find myself attractive
enough and im proud of myself. oh well/ it's just a cultural
thing i guess..... see you soon ^^