2010-07-26 21:17:44 (UTC)

Beginning to end

Yeah.. I get how my mom and dad think im spoiled rotten ,
rude , annoying , freaky and stupid. althow i hve to
admitt sometimes i cn get a bit much but that bad? not
real. i try so hard to keep her up on her toes and my dad
happy so he wont leave. Im scared if my dad leaves. i
wouldnt know what to do. but w.e i have to get use to the
fact that they hate eachother and the only reason my moms
here is to get money from my dad. she thinks im stupid for
makeing my friends be my fmily in my life. i mean they
would be my family if they didnt treat me like shit. I
hve a sister named chloe and a brother nmed cameron.
cameron is very violent with me. idk why but w.e my sister
shes cute and fun but shes a total bitch sometimes. but i
geuss thats ok haha . anyways pce.