New Life
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2010-07-26 08:38:33 (UTC)

26th July 2010

I woke up early this morning eager to begin my new routine.
D had work early so I decided to just lie and think about
everything giving him free run of the bathroom etc. I am
working 3-11 tonight, so didn't want to be up too early
anyway. I have spent the last hour looking up gigs to have
something to look forward too, reading up on the digital
film course that I REALLY want to study, and how I could
fund this, and ways to change habits and make positive
changes to my life. Lots of good things discovered from this
could go see mystery jets or the drums at the abc for ony
£15 squid! Just have to see what one D would like to see.
Also should be able to get another loan from the Student
Loan Company to cover my fees, am definitely going to go to
the open day in August and speak to the people at the
college and see what they think. And I learned that writing
things down abut you trying to change habits is a good way
of keeping track and keeping focus on your goals. Perhaps I
should outline my goals in this first entry and I can
revisit in a month.

1. Get up in the mornings and get myself ready for every day.
2. Eat healthier.
3. Do some form of exercise everyday- even just a walk.
4. Read more about things that interest me.
5. Be kinder.
6. Don't waste money and begin to sort out debts.

So there we are. First step today is to get my arse out of
bed and into the shower.....but first I'm going to register
for the open day because I know I'll forget. Hmmmm
procrstination already...? Until tomorrow.....


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