the wonderful world of ikys
2010-07-24 12:59:46 (UTC)

New Beginnings

I am so filled with joy, thanks to God. If anybody would have told me that I would be in a relationship now, I would not believe it. Yes, I have a boyfriend now. There has been so many things going on since I last wrote an entry and next week is my birthday and we are going to party. There is something on my mind, not heavy that bothers me a tad bit, but not that serious too. To sum everything up I was sooo depressed about a month and a half ago because I am so anxious to leave my job, I was lonely, and there were problems in the house. I felt that I had no hope finding another one and I wanna move out, it got worst because of the problems at home. I was ready to be happy and live again. During my depression I felt alone and that no one had time for me or to listen. One saturday I was depressed and I had a weird dream the night before about snakes. I talked to my ex boyfriend from highschool, Antonio, and he gave me a number to someone at his church. I called the lady and she revealed so much too me, basically speaking prophesy and she prayed for me. She also told me what the dream meant. I called a minister from my church and she revealed more as well and she also prayed. That night I began to open my bible and my spirit lifted. I was still slightly depressed off and on as the days passed. On that following wednesday Jamar was at the house and was speaking encouraging words to me. Maurice was texting me some messed up things so I snapped back at him, I ended up cutting our friendship loose because he is so negative and I did not need that. I drank a beer, cried out to God and fell asleep. I felt relieved when I cut Maurice loose and later that day I received a letter from Darrell, a friend in prison, and that brought joy also. I continued reading my bible and pray on a daily basis. Since then I have wrote Darrell two more letters and now I am waiting on this response from the last letter. I am still happy, my faith has been strengthened, and my spirit has been humbled. I partied hard on fourth of July weekend, I went to two clubs, a family reunion, and Dave and Busters. My job made me mad that week because only 11 hours were on my check, so my check was short. I ended up getting sick on July 9th with a bronchospasm and missed a week of work. My phone got turned off because I was waiting for my money that they owed, I ended up getting it the following week, but they put me on the next schedule, cutting my hours. I met my boyfriend about a month ago on my way home, we saw two guys kissing and we were bith grossed out. We just started talking. He told me that he would see me again and I thought that he was bs-ing. One day I walked around my apartment complex and I saw him. We started hanging out, had strong chemistry. We both have a lot in common and have been married. I love him to death and I am happy with him, he is quite a catch. Here is the thing, first, I have a past with Darrell, we never slept together, we were only friends, real close, so I will post about him in the next entry. Second I have this birthday party coming up and my boyfriend is coming, so I hope that Darrell's friends, also my friends too, don't say anything or doing Darrell dirty, but I never promised him anything. I also hope Deshawn #2 don't say nothing slick because he been wanting to sleep with me again after 6yrs and I love him as a person to death,but no and he expected to get some that night of my birthday. What's also crazy is that Darrell's mother is on my facebook friendslist and I changed my status to in a relationship so that the guys who are coming to this bday party would know I have a man ahead of time and when I changed it, Darell's mother clicked that she liked it so I am guessing that she is assuming that I'm talking about her son...omg. To make things crazy I had a dream about Darrell last night following me until he was arrested by the police. Now the bday party is next saturday for me and a co-worker because our bdays 2 days apart, so we invited so many people but few co-workers. We are so ready, we are having it at a club. I have been excited since we planned it. So the closer it gets, I am nervous. My boyfriend rold me that he is coming so I am nervous and hope nobody say anything crazy.

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